Women's Eyeglasses

Gone are the days when women were expected not to wear eyeglasses for cosmetic purposes. These days, women's fashion eyeglasses have become a necessity and they are not just aimed at vision improvement; the stylish spectacle design these days are customized to cater to the fashion needs of women who are conscious about their image as well as style. Eyeglasses for women have come a long way, these days you will get such a huge variety in frames online, that you will be completely spoilt for choice when shopping for fashionable women eyeglasses! You can choose from several desings; in shapes you can go for round, oval, rectangle, square. In our womens eyeglasses range you will also find the newest collections to offer you the latest trends of this season.

This means that our collection is always on-trend without becoming dated or old fashioned. Franc Nobel high quality glasses are both fashion forward and vintage inspired, making them as much a chic accessory as they are a means to correct vision. We believe that every shape of eyewear design should reflect your own unique style and personality.

Trends of this season – Looks for 2016

This season, classic shaped round glasses are the embodiment of sophistication and nostalgia, whilst still retaining a contemporary look all of their own. New colour palettes help to rejuvenate the delicate curved frames and bring these desirable designs into the modern era. Alternatively, if you like things a little more laid back, then 2016 is the year of the vintage hippie or boho look. Paired with vintage clothing and relaxed fits, these type of frames are a perfect way to unwind into the summer. In addition to these two strong looks, Franc Nobel offers women’s glasses in minimalistic pastels and clear frames; in dip dyed two tone shades; or simply casual frames in bold and refreshing colours that are popular this season. These elements, complemented by eye-catching temples and mixed material frames help push glasses for women into the realm of the super stylish and desirable. Franc Nobel eyewear comes complete with prescription lenses, starting at Rp 750,000 - Free shipping. Cash on Delivery.

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