Men's Glasses - Style meets Necessity

Today eyeglasses for men are not just a need but also a style accessory. Men’s glasses make heads turn and offer an enigmatic, sexy appeal to the wearer. Not only regular men’s eyeglasses styles but also wayfarer spectacles and other designs that are totally swoon-worthy. Franc Nobel has in stock men’s eyeglasses in different designs that are in vogue and charismatic eyeglasses for men to give their personality a twist of style. Much more important than the colour of the suit or the eyes, is whether one wants to be serious or funky? Serious goes for simple frames in muted colours such as black, brown or dark green. Funky chooses multi-coloured frames with eye-catching details. When a man's glasses do not fit his personality, it is quickly obvious. Caution is advised with pops of colour, patterns and extravagant shapes. A man can quickly get tired of his glasses, and so can his colleagues. We at Franc Nobel belive in stylish frames at an affordable price.

Best Men Eyewear in 2016

When it comes to style, men can be strange. The right glasses can give the perfect finishing touch. If you have more than one look, the glasses can be switched around. Franc Nobel eyewear comes complete with prescription lenses, starting at Rp 750,000 and free shipping. With beautiful curves and casual aesthetics, these unique frames extend a warm invitation to sit back and relax. Use our Home Try-on serivce, our high-quality glasses will fit you perfectly. Choose a classic black frame for a refined look. We’ve also got bold colors for the men who likes to make a statement. Your happiness is guaranteed.

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