Face Shape Guide

Your face matters. Your fit matters. Franc Nobel considers the shape of your face when choosing the perfect eyewear. We have created the Face Shape and Fit Guide to help educate and suggest what might fit best. Let the Face Shape and Fit Guide assist you in finding the perfect pair that best represents your style, personality, and life.
Face Shapes

Your forehead and cheekbones are wider than your jaw line. You also have a pointy chin. Stay away from aviator glasses or shades because they will only emphasize the shape of your face. You must also remember to avoid semi rimmed glasses, as they will draw attention to the wider part of your face.


The length and width of your face are about the same. If you have a round face, your cheekbones are just the widest part of your face and your jaw will be curved. Choosing frames that are narrow and rectangular, with brow bars, will pull the eye upward, giving the illusion of a longer face rather than just a round one, and a more defined shape overall.


Similar to the oval shape, but longer and less wide. The chin is also on the pointy side. Aside from aviator shapes, try frames that have more depth than width, decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face, or a low bridge to shorten the nose.


Your forehead and jawline are the same width. Your jawline is defined, with only a minimal curve. Frames of this style can soften the jaw line, place emphasis on the eyes and lengthen the nose. Square framed styles will achieve the opposite effect, and look out of balance with the rest of the face.

OVAL Lucky you, you can wear almost any frame! Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin. The length of your face is roughly one and a half times the width. If you prefer to keep the oval’s natural balance, look for eyeglass frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of the face, or walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or too narrow. Remember to take into account hair colour and complexion as well.

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Understanding Frame Size
Franc Nobel

Frame measurements are important to keep in mind if you are wanting a precise fit. Thanks to a standard system of measurements, it is fairly easy to pinpoint a size that works for you. Lens or eye width, bridge size, and temple length are the three main measurements to figure. They are measured in millimeters.


How to determine your face shape?

The first step is to decide what your face shape is - so is it round, oblong, oval, diamond, triangle, square, or heart-shaped. Take a photo of yourself directly facing the camera and use a piece of tracing paper to outline the edge of your face to work out your face shape. No camera or smartphone? Then look in the mirror and with an erasable pen (or even some lipstick), trace the outline of your face on the mirror - whatever you do, just make sure you can wipe it off afterwards! And yes, we know that this sounds a bit odd but it works! We promise!

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